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Talent Cove - Forum

George – Software Engineer
I’ve been using Talent Cove for the past few months to help me focus on my goals. And all I can say is that it amazed me at how this thing quite works for me. The transparency is indeed an important part of a company.

Joshua – Co-Founder & CEO, Talent Cove
@george, we are glad that Talent Cove is helping you stay focused on your goals as an individual. All of us in the Talent Cove have spent a lot of time and effort thinking and creating about designing a product that will help teams and individuals. Thank you so much!

Scott – entrepreneur, artist
@george, sounds like Talent Cove is useful and helpful. I should check this out for my team. Hoping for a good result.

Lemuel – Designer, Talent Cove
@george, It’s great to hear you’re using our Talent Cove app and we are glad how it works well for you. With so many companies that we’ve talked about the culture of their industry, like what you’ve said transparency plays a huge role in a thriving company culture. We encourage everyone to send us any ideas or feedback on how to improve the app, please let us know by sending an email.

Joshua – Co-Founder, CEO, Talent Cove
@george, thank you. Its great to have you as a supporter of our product! We developed and launched Talent Cove app to be an easy solution for e-teams to stay focused on your goals and for everyone in the team to have transparency in the work that they do. A lot of business teams and individuals are using the Talent Cove app to track goals and create a culture of transparency and focus.