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Talent Cove - FAQs

Q: Does Talent Cove have any competitor?
A: Yes, they have competitors. Some of them were founded in the same year where Talent Cove was established while others are relatively new. Just like Talent Cove, these competitors are in the Internet software field and they have more or less employees than Talent Cove.

Q: What is Talent Cove?
A: Talent Cove is an app that designs, develops, builds and provides performance management software for the human resource industry. Talent Cove’s headquarters is located in Los Angeles. They also have thousands of followers on their website.

Q: How do I know the data is accurate?
A: The data in Web Daily is accurate. Representatives of specific companies manage and edit their own company profiles on Talent Cove. Information is also updated. If you notice anything that needs changing, you can send an email to the developer to edit the page.

Q: I am a representative of our company tasked to edit our profiles. However, our company name has been taken down and when I search, it does not come up. What should I do?

A: We are very sorry for that inconvenience. Please send us an email and we will retrieve the company name and give you access for editing.

Q: How do I get my company featured on your Web Daily newsletter?
A: To create the Web Daily Newsletter, we look at all of the applications entered into our files. Our editors will check if you’re eligible enough to be featured in our newsletter. Unfortunately, there is no specific component required to be featured in the top three. We should pick the one which readers will find it interesting.

Q: How do I partner with Web Daily?
A: Web Daily works with partners to maintain the highest quality company information and to enable world-class research on investment trends and business ecosystems. Please visit the Web Daily headquarters or email us for more information about a potential partnership.