What Success at Work Means

what success means at work

Success takes on a different meaning for everyone, but its definition is what gives us purpose as individuals or as a business.

In order to be successful, we must first define what it means to us. In this piece, we wanted to discuss what success at work looks like to us at TalentCove.

Making Progress Through Small Wins

It’s no secret we’re big fans of small wins. If you aren’t celebrating your small wins often and accomplishing near term goals, reaching longer term objectives will be a daunting task.

Recent neurological research points to incremental, everyday achievements as the critical stepping stone to doing big things. New year resolutions go by the wayside in a matter of days because unless we break down our actions into small steps and celebrate them with others for support and commitment, even our best intentions don’t translate into lifestyle habits.

Teresa Amabile, along with development psychologist Steven Kramer, found that of all the events which have the power to excite people and engage them in their work, the single most important is making progress. (Source) Recording and recognizing the small wins, or progress, you have each day will increase your desire to achieve more.

Continuously Learning and Improving Through Feedback

It’s not our job to be perfect. As individuals working on a team, we should always be looking for growth and learning opportunities. That’s why we consider feedback to be so important. The more you inquire about how you’re doing from trusted peers, the more you’ll learn. But you have to be open to it.

We strongly believe that those who reach out to ask for feedback are more likely to be open to receiving it and to turn it into something useful like a better product, daily routine, or learning curve.

You tend to receive the best and most specific feedback when it is 1:1, informal and closely related to something you did recently.

When asked for feedback people tend to be more responsive and more thoughtful, especially in written form. They are also much more likely to recognize and praise your initiative and contributions, thinking of you as a motivated person interested in learning and personal success.

The Recognition Loop

“Giving and receiving recognition has positive intrinsic benefits and creates a work environment that employees are proud to belong to.” (Source)

Celebrating your peers for something they did well feels great and fosters a better company culture because it invites them to return the favor to you, or pay it forward to another co-worker.

Recognition also serves as an immediate form of performance feedback, nixing the need to wait for those dreaded performance reviews. (If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to show appreciation for your team, try Cove)

To sum it up, we believe a successful workplace is one that fosters authenticity, camaraderie, and continuous growth. Working on teams that challenge and support each other is a privilege and should be treated as one.

Now that we’ve told you what success means to us, we’d love to hear from you: What does success mean to you?

-Lolly Fitzpatrick

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