Humanizing Workplace Culture: 3 Top Values Companies Should Focus On


Introduction: 3-Part Series on why investing in people who make organizations thrive is critical.

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1) Transparency (Open Communication & Sharing Work),
2) Growth (Learning & Development) and
3) Collaboration (Team Building & Productivity)


 ”Only one thing really differentiates your business from your competitor: your people -” Rusty Rueff & Hank Stringer from their book, Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business

Today’s technological, social, cultural, and economic shifts have transformed expectations and approaches to work. With 63% of Americans unhappy with their jobs, the importance of understanding what people want at work and how to meet their needs is critical, if businesses are to remain competitive and succeed.

Many people feel the need to be more meaningfully connected to what their organizations do and how their efforts contribute to their success. This helps to ascribe value and cultivate a more humanized work culture. A workplace which is open and transparent,  provides for systems of sharing information, recognition and feedback.  When organizations invest in their talent and provide learning opportunities to grow their careers, employees feel cared for and valued, which motivates and positively impacts everyone. A collaborative work environment strengthens teams and helps people become more connected, productive and creative in their  work.  Empowering the people who work in organizations, only makes everyone stronger and successful.

In her thought-provoking piece on Medium, Maddie Grant addresses how the future of work involves making sure we realize that people are the “most important asset we have”.  We couldn’t agree more with Grant’s concept, and want to elaborate on top 3 things leaders in organizations should focus on to ensure people are valued, talent is cultivated and teams are able to thrive at work: Transparency, Growth and Collaboration.

Building a stronger, more connected and humanized workplace culture will provide deeper engagement and happier, more productive employees, so make sure you invest in what makes your organizations thrive: Your people.

Our series discusses the top 3 values which help create a successful people culture. Be sure to check out Part 1 of the series next week, where we discuss how transparency in the workplace can help you and your organization thrive and flourish.

-Aisha Piracha

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