How to Close the Connectedness Gap When Working Remotely


Remote workplaces are here to stay: Challenges?

The home-office is becoming a primary place of work and is a reality for many today.  According to a 2010 U.S. Census, 13.4 million U.S. citizens work from home at least once a week and the number is expected to rise to 63 million by 2016.  Remote workplaces have become commonplace and are here to stay.  The biggest challenge for remote workers is being able to keep connected and have an easy way to communicate and collaborate effectively.

While there are many benefits (flexibility, reduced stress levels, no commute) for individuals who work remotely, there is cause for concern. One of the top challenges is disengagement. In other words, the connectedness of remote employees to their teams in the office. Aware of this risk of impaired collaboration and communication, Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo) felt the need to enforce Yahoo’s no working from home policy.

Employees who work remotely don’t have as many opportunities for in-person interactions to build important relationships as their colleagues in the office. They’re less likely to feel a sense of community or that they’re a part of the company culture.

This is where technology plays a huge role.

Mobile tech can keep teams engaged at work

Embracing emerging mobile tech tools helps us stay engaged, keep everyone in the loop about what’s going on, and build great teams. It’s also a trend that could boost productivity, lower some overhead costs, and promote increased wellness. (Source)

Meghan M. Biro, of TalentCulture, talks about the positive role technology can play in keeping both remote and non-remote workers engaged:

“Today technology enables a continuous real-time assessment of performance. Employees can be made aware of their shortcomings and get work on improving them, and people who are doing great work can get the kind of support and encouragement that will inspire and allow them to soar to new heights.”


Using TalentCove’s app makes it easy to know what everyone on your team is working on, which is especially helpful for remote teams. By simply adding your small wins daily, you’ll stay engaged with your peers. It also keeps teams on task and ultimately connected. This aids in building a culture of trust (learn more about the benefits of transparency in the workplace here), important for any company.

Technology is sometimes viewed as being disruptive to productivity, but it clearly has many benefits in today’s world.  Use it wisely – the ability to succeed at staying connected is in your hands!

Download our app today and start engaging with your peers! Any questions? Feel free to ask us.

-Lolly Fitzpatrick

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