10 Handy Articles Offer Advice On How To Ask For Help at Work

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One key to success is the ability to ask for help when you need it. But you don’t want to look bad or appear “weak” because you need help, right?

Each one of us runs into hurdles here and there and we can’t allow ego to stand in the way of success. Instead, we should focus on asking the right questions to the right people.

Today we are sharing articles on why asking for help will ensure your individual success, as well as your teams’ success, and how to go about asking.

How to Ask for Help When You’re Overwhelmed at Work
New York Times

One way to approach the topic is to acknowledge that you have acquired more responsibility in the last year and want to rise to the challenge, but could use some help in judging what tasks need to be done first and which ones can wait…:

“Your attitude should be that you want to prevent yourself from having to cut corners or having the wrong things fall through the cracks,” she says, “because that’s in the best interests of the company.”

The secret to… asking for help at work
The Guardian

The secret is to admit it early rather than struggle on alone.

Asking for help can show strength rather than weakness. If you approach it cannily it shows that you are striving for the highest quality and have the company’s best interests at heart.

Suggest specific tactics for managing the situation, ask for feedback on your ideas and explain what you have done about it so far.

The Right Way to Ask for Help At Work

It wasn’t until I had a team of my own to manage that I realized that there’s real value in admitting “Hey! I need help.” What I learned from the experience was that asking for help is a delicate endeavor—but when done right, it’ll get the job done faster or better. Plus, chances are, everyone will gain valuable experience and ultimately strengthen his or her base for a successful career.

How to Ask for Help at Work Without Looking Bad
Fox Business

[G]etting help shouldn’t be a big challenge for an employee. “If you ask someone for help, and they don’t, that should be a huge red flag that it’s the wrong team or company for you. Organizations should be structured in a way so that their culture is one where they help each other obtain their career goals.”

The Lost Art of Asking for Help
American Management Association

“Like any skill, practice is required. The more often you ask, the more comfortable you will become. With time, mis-communications will be reduced, anxiety will lessen, and your words will become more eloquent.”

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask for What You Want
Brazen Life

The old saying “You never know unless you ask” is far truer than a lot of us anticipate. In an article on stay interviews and best retention practices, HR Director at Webroot Melanie Williams revealed just how easy it can be for employees and companies to get on the same page when open communication is at play.

HELP is not a dirty word! 6 Secrets to Asking for Help in the Workplace
OrgWide Services

Asking for help does not indicate weakness. In actuality, it shows your good judgment and that you know what you know and what you don’t know. However, there is a right way to ask for help in the workplace.

Key to Success — Motivation in the Workplace — Ask for Help!
Glenn Magas

Personal success is only a single question away! Asking for help improves motivation in the workplace and leads to career and success in life.

By asking for help you commit to the ultimate goal – finishing a task and being accountable and responsible for it.

Asking for Help in the Workplace
Get to Work

Do you feel compelled to always figure things out on your own?  Do you worry that asking a question demonstrates weakness? It is important to your success to ask appropriate questions and to accept assistance when needed.

Help and How To Ask For It
All Things Workplace

[A]sking for help seems to be unbelievably difficult for many. To some it’s embarrassing; others see it as a sign of weakness; and there are those who fear the sense of rejection that comes from “no”.

If you think about it you’ll realize that most people are willing to help most of the time. After all, aren’t you?

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-Lolly Fitzpatrick

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