6 Ways To Build A Strong Company Culture

  • June 12, 2014

This post was inspired by discussions from a TChat hosted by TalentCulture on June 4th. Be sure to join in on conversations every Wednesday. Click here to learn more about TChats. —- 70% of full-time working Americans are, according to Gallup, actively disengaged – i.e. miserable. If you’re running a company or leading a team, I’m guessing these aren’t […]

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Round Up: Why You Need Engaged Teams to Succeed

  • April 24, 2014
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Without great teams many companies would not be as successful as they are today. In order for your company to grow, you need engaged and productive teams and a system to help build trust and collaboration among your employees. In today’s round-up, we’re sharing articles by respected thought leaders that focus on what it means […]

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Featured Post: Adobe’s ‘Check-In’ Facilitates Employee Growth, Leadership & Talent Development

  • April 07, 2014
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A new and innovative approach in human resources The importance of remaining engaged at work, developing talent and being positively connected to managers and peers, are values which are being actively embraced in today’s workplace – and ones we firmly support at TalentCove.  It therefor makes sense to apply these values to performance evaluation and […]

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Humanizing Workplace Culture Part II: Investing In Your Employee’s Growth & Development Is Not ‘Optional’

  • April 03, 2014
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If you missed the Introduction to our series on Humanizing Workplace Culture, click here to read it!  You can also catch Part I: Humanizing Workplace Culture Through Transparency! “Work is about learning. Learning is never complete and we have a respo­nsibility as indiv­iduals to make sure we’re always learning. We also have a respo­nsibility as […]

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importance of asking for help at work talent cove

Are Your Employees Emotionally Committed?

  • March 31, 2014
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When we are included in activities, asked for our opinions about something, acknowledged for our efforts and given praise for doing a good job, it makes us feel good – be it in our personal or professional lives! It goes without saying, therefore, that employee engagement is a key determinant of an employee’s involvement with, […]

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